NESA to host international FIFA friendly

Namibia Electronic Sports Association (NESA) together with the Goethe-Institut Namibia will host an international test match where Namibia will once again take on South Africa in FIFA, and now for the 1st time in Tekken as well this Saturday.

Namibia broke South Africa’s unbeaten record when the country’s FIFA players last year defeated them for the fisrt time in the history of the association, NESA treasurer Salome de Bruyn said.  

“We are looking forward to exciting games to be played this weekend. These are online games and our players are not new to the setsof rules and regulations. We will be witnessing some of our best players take part in the competition so we invite every Namibia to come spend the day with us,” she noted. 

She added that since it will take place online, the Namibian team will play from the Goethe-Institut Namibia situated on 5 Fidel Castro Street, and the South African team will play from Fakkel School of Skills in South Africa.

The Namibian team consists of Freddy Mazila and Flip de Bruyn on Tekken and Rashaad Matjila with Isaac Ngishekwa on FIFA.

Furthermore, this past weekend NESA hosted a very exciting final round of the Tekken & FIFA National Tournament of 2018. 

Competition was tight and the tension was high as players competed for a position on the Namibian eSports Team in their respective eSports titles.

In the tournament for FIFA, Rashaad Matjila won National FIFA Player 1st  place with newcomer Isaac Nghishekwa coming out 2nd and FIFA National Player Ricky Tjiueza  taking the 3rd   place. 

With Tekken, Freddy Mazila, 2017’s Tekken National Player won 1st place  with Flip de Bruyn coming in 2nd and newcomer Brandon Cockrell in the 3rd  place.