Doctor testifies on Tses rape, murder case

As the gruesome rape and murder case of a Tses woman continue to drag in the Windhoek High Court and the accused having since pleaded innocent on all counts, a Keetmanshoop doctor has confirmed that she died of suffocation.

It is the state’s case that during the period of the 2nd or the 3rd of September 2014 at or near Tses in Keetmanshoop Jesaja Boois (42) intentionally killed Bonaventura Jahs (28)  after rapping her while she was pregnant. 

She is alleged to have been his ex-girlfriend.

Testifying in court, Dr. Vermeulen Andries, who did postmortem on the deceased said that he found semen in her vagina although there were no injuries inside.

Under cross examination, Dr. Andries said it was rare to find injury within the vagina of sexually active mature persons unless they use foreign objects or forced sex.

He also testified that by the time Jahs died, she was carrying a 14-week-old male baby while her body had swollen lungs and brain due to possible strangulation by the neck which limits blood supply from the brain.

“As a result of my observations, I conclude that death occurred 12 hours prior to my examination,” he said in his report on the medico-legal post mortem examination. 

Jahs also had a bruise to the left of her eye, which according to the doctor could have been a result of a stone used on her or one she could have fallen on.

According to the doctor, she had small bruises on the neck and jawbone area as well as on her back which could have been as a result of small stones while lying on her back. 

Although she had no skull fracture, Jahs' body was draining blood from the nose as well as a fracture cricoid with a foamy discharge coming out of her lungs.

It has been brought before the court’s attention that in the early evening of Tuesday the 2nd in September of 2014, Jesaja met his ex-girlfriend, Bonaventura, in Tses in Keetmanshoop and insisted to know who she was dating.

He threatened to assault her before the police warned him to behave only for him to, later that evening, visit Y2K bar in Tses where the deceased was socialising.

Jesaja allegedly told Bonaventura of his intentions to have sex with her which she brushed off.

Between the late night hours of the same day and the following Wednesday, he allegedly attacked and dragged her to nearby river-bed and raped her.

It is the state’s case that Bonaventura suffocated and died on the scene.

Lawyer Ethel Ndhlovu is representing the state.

 Photo source: New Era Newspaper