Germany embassy visa application process irks travelling Namibians

 Namibians visiting Germany have expressed frustration and anger over the German Embassy’s visa application process which they said was wearisome and riddled with bottle-necks.

Speaking to The Villager, whistleblowers who refused to be identified for fear of retribution remarked that Namibian families are being required to make individual appointments even though they would be travelling as a group.

“Which is really crazy! You will have to wait and the others might not even be perfect. It doesn’t make sense,” said a Namibian studying in Germany who is currently being held back by the process.  

This is slowing down the process, they said, adding that the embassy, inspite of it having five service points, usually had two people serving them.

“What happens is you apply for the visa and you need to go through the appointment system which is often fully booked. The next appointment system might only be in the next two or three months. So it takes two to three months just to get an appointment and submit your document. It’s very terrible,” she said. 

She also said that the embassy does not notify its clients where there is a cancellation: “They just expect you to know and keep checking.”

“We all know that some people come from remote areas, some of them are working, so they can’t be on the internet 24/7 and checking for appointment systems. That’s the procedure and if you write to them they reply after three, five days. You can only call them within certain hours. It’s very tiring,” she told this publication. 

Some have questioned why Germans coming to Namibia do not need a visa whereas Namibians are required to have one, a system which they say is unfair.

“It’s been going on for 28 years and they should be doing something about it you know, but they are not and it's very confusing and very sad. So it’s something that the country should look into. They can’t just get on a plane and come here even if its for ninety days, for whatever reason. It needs to be fair,” said a source.

Meanwhile calls made to the embassy went unanswered until the time of publication.