Cafe de Paris attracts IUM students


More and more students seem to spend more time in Cafe de Paris than in classes, according to a connect. Cafe de Paris, a pub which boasts proximity to the university, has been attracting students to its premises amidst classes. “They hang out here, some drink alcohol and some don’t. This is where they come to chill when they are finished or bored with lectures. Some even wait for their classes here, especially Angolan guys,” said a security guard. He said, in the beginning they only used the pub to chill after classes but now they frequent the spot during intermissions and even before lectures. So how boring could classes be such that one has to seek fun at a pub?  “I don’t think that all classes are boring, some probably think they already know what the lecturers will teach, so they just use the place to kill time,” argued the security guard. “It’s not like they get completely drunk in here. They just get hyped up a little bit,” he added. Lol. If you are a varsity student with a little bit of Kanibal in you, then IUM is the place for you.