Nudo faction suspends decision to drag Jahanika before ACC … gives room for negotiations

A Nudo faction which days ago threatened to drag one of its top-brass, Meundju Jahanika, before the Anti Corruption Commission on charges of plundering party funds has suspended its decision.

Party big-wig, Joseph Kauandenge issued a press statement in which he announced a counter suspension of the party’s old leadership and he claimed to be one of Nudo’s legitimate figureheads at whose helm was Ester Muinjangue.

Speaking to The Villager this week, Kauandenge exclusively disclosed that the party was commencing negotiations to iron out their differences and venture on a path of self-healing after a tumultuous congress.

“We were almost there and then there was   someone (who) intervened and wanted to bring the two groups together first to talk. So we are now talking. Depending on this mediation, we will see where we are going."

“We are trying but we are not yet there. You can negotiate and at the end of the day you might not agree and then everybody goes back to what he was doing or you can negotiate and reach a consensus,” said Kauandenge.

This seems to be a constructive path for a party whose old guard wants another congress convened within the next three months to establish a new leadership.

Nudo’s war is centered on two factions, one led by the famous Vetaruhe Kandorozu and outspoken activist, Muinjangue, who are tussling to be at the helm ahead of national polls next year.

Days after their disputed suspension, Muinjangue’s team pressed sensitive buttons and spilt the beans alleging that Jahanika had looted part funds with impunity.

The Villager has been as of late failing to get in touch with Jahanika to get his side of the case. 

Substantive party president, Asser Mbai had also been slapped with an ultimatum to hand over party property by Friday of the week Muinjangue and crew were fired.

The Villager has reported that Kauandenge and team were irked with why Jahanika had not been fired for his alleged transgressions of linking his personal account with that of the party and syphoning N$30 000 from a Bank Windhoek account.

 He was accused of failing as the party’s chief accountant   to put accounting principals in place which led to a certain Anna Antonda, allegedly a worker at party head office, to be paid N$5 000 per day for a period of 44 days amounting to N$200 000.