Disaster management project to be launched in Kunene region

A disaster and management project is to be launched in Kunene region this month as a 45 percent total loss of cattle was recorded in the region during October 2015 and December 2016.

This is the highest number of livestock lost ever recorded in the region and the project will be funded by the Environmental Investment Fund, governor of Kunene region, Marius Sheya has said.

“The project will address the vulnerability of smallholder farmers to prolonged drought periods through flood water harvesting and ground water recharge. It will also promote a range of climate resilient technologies for enhanced agricultural and livestock production and will improve the dissemination of climate risk information in the community,” he said.

 It is estimated that 44 000 people from the region will benefit from the project.

This year will also see the development of green schemes in Sesfontien and Khorixas constituency, working with agricultural business development agency.

Sheya further stated that the office of the governor will also be launching the Harambee Oyety campaign over the next two years involving community gardens.

“The gardens will be managed and operated on economic and commercial methods in the constituencies. This will contribute significantly to our efforts to address zero hunger and create much needed jobs,” he said.