Muslim virgin prostitutes


I just happened to stumble on something interesting about Muslim prostitutes.  Because prostitution is condemned and forbidden in Islam, it turns out Muslim prostitutes have figured out a way to stay in business without alienating themselves from the holy scriptures of the Quran. While servicing their clients, instead of giving the real thing, they’d offer what they call girani. Girani, is Swahili word which loosely translates to ‘the neighbour’. So what I’m saying is that instead of engaging in normal sex, they engage in anal sex, thus giving out the neighbour. That way, I’m told, the prostitutes still have their virginity and dignity intact. I’m just one of the majority of Christians who had the idea that prostitution is only limited to Christianity and the women enjoy what they do. The reality is quite on the contrary, as Muslims are also quite deep in the world’s oldest profession. In their case, deprivations, conflicts and difficult circumstances often lead to desperation and desperation forces these women into prostitution. Many are uneducated women who live in poverty and possess few marketable skills.