Stolen vehicles worth over N$1 million recovered in Otjizondjupa region … as general crime statistics also decreased

Stolen vehicles worth N$ 1 027 000 were recovered in the Otjizondjupa region in the 2017/18 financial year.

This is due to the community collaborating with police to fight crime in the region, the governor of the region, Otto Iipinge, has said.

“I am happy to say that crime has decreased. Therefore, I urge the community to work closely as possible with the police. This will help us rule out criminal activities in the region completely and we will soon have zero crime in the community,” he said.

According to information provided by the office of the governor, crime statistics in sectors of assaults with GBV have decreased by 8%; culpable homicide involving motor vehicles by 2%; fraud by 22% ; rape by 8% and theft of motor vehicles by 7 % compared to the previous financial year.

However, there is a tremendous increase in dealing in drugs by 14%; possession of cannabis by 7%; driving under the influence of liquor and drugs by 15%; theft crimes by 33% and stock theft by 10%.

“The main contributory factors to these crimes are alcohol and drug abuse, unemployment as well as self-enrichment. Moreover, stock theft and illegal hunting in particular are on the increase during certain months of the year due to availability of black market of stock and game products. In some cases, employees in commercial and communal farms are involved in the syndicates of committing these crimes,” Iipinge noted.

He added that thus far reduction of some crimes are difficult due to syndicates that are used to carrying out these crimes.