UPM forces Rehoboth town Council to provide erven to the poor

The United People's Movement (UPM) on the 22nd of May 2018 had a meeting with the Rehoboth Town Coucil (RTC) and the allocation of erven to the poor and the implementation of the Rukoro Report were high on the agenda. 

The RTC has indicated that 2500 erven are available. The CEO could however not pin point the location of the said erven and promised that the party would be informed at the follow up meeting. 

The UPM has now learned that an exercise regarding the erven has started. The UPM appreciates this swift action, it is however a concern that Rukoro beneficiaries are excluded from the exercise. 

The RTC also claims that “Burgershoek” is prime area and residents should at one stage move from there. 

The UPM however wants to make it clear, that the poor and low income groups are not second hand citizens of this country, and have the right to land, whether prime land or not. 

The UPM will not allow threats by any LA against landless people of ours. 

The UPM does not condone land grab, but will not allow the provision of urban land to the rich and the developers at the expense of the poor. 

The poor have the right to land and the UPM will not tolerate further exploitation of these people. 

The UPM will continue to address the urban land issue and would like the poor and low income groups to organize themselves, join the ranks of the UPM, and use the platform to address their problems.