Domestic violence consumes //Karas region …as close to 1000 cases emerge from 2017

The //Karas region is fast being engulfed by domestic violence as the crime is listed as the highest committed in the region, throughout 2017, Namibian Police statistics revealed.

At least 995 domestic violence cases were registered by the regional police, with the highest numbers recorded in Keetmaanshoop (135); Luderitz (29) Tses (25) while the lowest number was recorded in Oranjemund (1); Warmbad (1) and Aroab (1) respectively.

A total number of 3 575 criminal cases were recorded in the same period while Keetmaanshoop tops the list with 1 616 cases; Luderitz recorded (331) and Karasburg (330).

Statistic further indicate that the highest number of criminal cases have been recorded in December (377); November (335) and (329) in January during the same period.

While the lowest number of criminal cases were recorded during the months of June (237); May (241) and April 263 respectively.

A total of 1 361 cases were recorded from January to end April this year.  Statistics show that in January (350); February (309); March (326) and in April 376 criminal cases were open with NamPol.

Furthermore, Keetmaanshoop recorded the highest number of criminal cases during the same period with a total number of 551 cases recorded during the same period followed by Tses with 133 while Luderitz recorded 130 cases.

In 2016 The Villager spoke to Ombudsman chief of office, Eileen Rakow, who pointed out that government is losing the fight against domestic violence as little was done for victims.

“Our justice system is our challenge. We have an institutional weakness that fails to deliver in curbing GBV because the cases are prolonged in court. The more we prolong the higher the chances of such cases likely being dropped.There is little feedback to victims by the justice system and some of the members in the police and defense force are themselves perpetrators which explains why they are not competent at dealing with these cases,” she said then.