Conservancies should live up to their purpose- Sheya

Kunene regional governor, Marius Sheya, has said that conservancies should live up to their real purpose and should not be there to benefit the well connected. 

He also said that conservancies should set up facilities to reach tourists camping in the wild, as often tourists are stranded while on tours because of the lack of facilities to provide assistance in the field. 

“All lodges, tourism establishments and operators have to start contributing to the locals. This can be through investment starting from tourism day activities, apart from the traditional game driving and just catering international tourist, to an extend that Namibians cannot afford and make use of their services. How possible is it that an ordinary five-year-old born in Kunene region has never seen a rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and so on?” he said. 

Sheya said that the state of tourism in the region will change when it starts the construction of its first hospitality institution in Khorixas.

His office will also call for a meeting to invite lodging and tourism establishments to engage in a dialogue to develop the region. 

“This will be known as the Kunene governor’s annual tourism dialogue. With a clear desire for changing lives of ordinary Kunene people and economic stimulation of the regions,” he said. 

He added that the region suffers from multiple development challenges ranging from food insecurity as a result of long history of poverty and also from high variables in rainfall and incidences of drought. 

Sheya further noted that the recent drought caused a massive loss of animals which has substantially increased the risk of further deterioration of livelihoods and vulnerability of people.