NESA national players show talent at Tourism Expo

Namibia Electronic Sports Association (NESA) last week exhibited four of its talented national players at the Tourism Expo, held at the Windhoek show grounds.

The show case was an opportunity for members of the public to challenge the gamers and promote esports, NESA treasurer Salome de Bryn has told The Villager this week.

De Bryn explained that the expo granted the association a great opportunity to promote and create more public awareness around eSports and the global trends taking over regarding eSports.

“We still have our national tournaments running for FIFA and Tekken, as well as our two new PC titles which is League of Legends and Counter Strike: GO, so we hope to create more awareness and get more people involved with our National titles to build some solid National Teams and to be able to compete competitively internationally.”

“We also have some confirmed matches with South Africa and NESA is working to secure more matches for our National Players so we hope to get the support from the public including parents and teachers towards our undertaking of growing eSports in Namibia,” she said.