Women Rock Show flares up

All motorsports lovers across Khomas came to witness women explore their talents at the first ever Women Rock Show that took place on Saturday at the Windhoek Spin City grounds.

The show did not only attract women in motor sports but also those that wanted to be a part of it, founder and organiser of the event Joel Nambahu said.

“As you have witnessed women turned up in numbers. This weekend’s show was all about the women and how best they can spin on the track. Women that have shown interest in motor sports are advised to contact the organiser and we will take it from there. All women are welcome regardless of their age as long as they can spin and take control of the car,” he said.

He added that altogether seven women took part in the show of which five were from Namibia and two from South Africa.

One of Namibia’s top spinners, Ivanka Moller expressed excitement over the event which she said she enjoyed and is looking forward to more women joining in on the fun.

“The show is not about winning but to show-case the talent of different women in this male dominated sport. As a motor sport lover, I urge all women to join us. It is not how best you spin but having the courage to display your skills in the spinning pit. I have been a part of the sport for a long time and have faced some challenges but in the end I overcame,” she said.

She added that most think that motor sports is only for men which is not the case and there is a need to educate women to joining every male dominated sports to have balance in sports codes.

One of the spinners that identified herself only as Ellionor stated that she was very excited about the show.

“The show was all about women in motor sports. I did my best when I got into the pit. I have been spinning since I was a kid and there was not much of a challenge for me as far as spinning is concerned. I am looking forward to meeting new women spinners in the next Women Rock Show,” she said.

She added that it does not matter what kind of an engine a car has and women just need to get in touch with those that already  take part in order to be guided.

The show also saw female DJs taking center stage with music for the crowds.