Nudo congress marked by hooliganism and chaos …as substantive president postpones it to restore order

The Nudo elective congress over the weekend was bogged down by acts of hooliganism and chaos forcing the party’s substantive president, Asser Mbai to postpone it until such a time when order has been restored. 

But it seems the congress had an ill-fated take off from the start, with party affiliates, Steve Zakaapi and Uahimisa Kaapehi having made an urgent court application to request for it to be nullified “as it was called by the wrong body”. 

Come congress-day this past Saturday some Team Nudo members said that they distrusted the 540 listed delegates and wanted to register their own people.

Team Nudo had earlier disclosed to a daily last week prior to the congress that as far as they were concerned, 501 delegates would attend. 

This is inspite of a court ruling by Judge Hosea Angula which meant that “the decision of the substantive Secretary General list of 540 delegates was the correct one that excluded the said branches from Aminius constituency and those of Erongo Region because they did not follow the procedures as per the decision of National Council,” said presidential hopeful Vetaruhe Kandorozu.

According to Kandorozu, “They started to register everybody who was outside without accreditation or vetting, as (a) result the other members refused to register without the list of 540 delegates to the congress”.

“After examination of the situation the Chairperson Mr. Cde. Hariki Maundu convened a meeting with the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and the President. He presented the situation and all agreed that the situation is abnormal and as a convener of every Nudo meeting in consultation with SG, he would ask the President to postpone the meeting until further notice,” he said.

The Namibian Police had to be called in to tighten security while escorting the party’s substantive president and chairperson to the hall. 

Kandorozu expressed anger at how his party’s congress came out saying, “There was hooliganism that was organised so there is no way anybody would just decide I will go to congress without following what the constitution stipulates. It was chaos. Who will want to be associated with chaos?”

“I am totally in support with the decision of the substantive president who has the right to convene any meeting in consultation with the secretary general,” said Kandorozu.

Meanwhile, The Villager could not get in touch with presidential aspirant, Utjiua Muinjangue who was unreachable by the time of publication.