Walvis Bay to repair damaged roads networks

Walvis Bay municipality is to repair all damaged road networks in the coastal town that were ruined by heavy rains last week.

The cost involved in repair of all the road networks will only be shared with the media once a collective decision has been taken by all the stakeholders according to a press statement of the municipality. 

However, the statement further says that the large volumes of water have caused some damages to the road network including sidewalks while temporary problems with the sewage network have been experienced. Some residents and business owners have also suffered some damaged with regards to their properties or rental units.  

“The municipality wishes to reassure all residents and road users that necessary repairs are currently underway. Road users especially are cautioned to be mindful of the potholes in some roads, some of which may still be covered by water. Residents are also requested to exercise some patience while repairs are being conducted. Some roads may take longer to repair than others,” the statement reads. 

The statement further notes that the reason is that roads should be as dry as possible before repairs are done.

"It also goes without saying that drivers should be alert at all times as there will be a higher than usual number of workers on the road. The municipality wishes to apologise for any convenience while repair work and other maintenance  projects  are underway," the statement said.