No tears for bad publicity – music industry players

There is no need to cry over “bad publicity” as it plays a vital role in music careers, local influencers in the music industry told Vibe this week.

Speaking to Vibe this week, stakeholders in the music industry said that a negative headline is only as good as a positive headline and that artists need to learn the art of manoeuvring any headline to benefit them.

This is what they had to say:

Gazza Shiimi

The thing about negative publicity is the truth eventually comes out and that is why I don’t really pay much attention to that.

Sometimes there are people who have a vision to tarnish your name for nothing and then they use their friends in the media industry to do so. On the other hand, I also believe that journalists don’t do much research but rather go with a one-sided story.

At the end of the day negative publicity is the value of my truth when it eventually comes out.

As long as I know it`s not true, it doesn’t bother me but if it’s the story is negative and there is truth in it I will gladly issue a public apology and make things right.

Araffath Muhuure

Negative publicity is publicity if you are in the entertainment industry, these are the type of things one should expect, you cannot run away from.

I think what we as artists should learn to do is to take the bad publicity and turn into an advantage.

I believe there is reason why people would find interest in talking about you then being an invisible entertainer.

Going back to the Maszanga story, even though there was not much truth in what had been fed to the media, it got people questioning who this Araffath guy is. People who did not know you get an interest to know. The story got me famous.

David Shikalepo (Exit)

Basically, I am just the type that doesn’t feed into negativity in general, because it puts me off balance. I also surround myself with people that have good outlook on life you know, share a laugh, share good moments, have a drink or two and forget about it.

That is basically just me in a nutshell. There is never a depressing moment with the gang, we always trying to look for the good in a bad situation, not everything is doom and gloom, find the beauty in the struggle.

Besides, every publicity is good publicity. The newspapers just want to sell, there’s no gatekeeping (from my media class) of news that is profitable to the press.

Sula Kyababa

We take the best out of negative publicity but there are two heads to it. If you look at the strategy we had for Oteya’s music video, we had planned to have a campaign before someone leaked the picture before we could start. It was negative publicity but had a positive impact.

Adora Kisting

Any publicity is good publicity but it can also have a negative impact depending on how people sees it.

It is ok to defend yourself especially if the negative piece has an impact on you career or affects the way the corporate world sees you.

Of course you can respond to negative publicity but it all depends on how you respond.

I remember few years back posting in lingerie and people were commenting saying I am selling a certain image so I had to respond and explain myself but if I know it's not worth my reaction, I don’t respond.

Lize Ehlers

I always try to avoid negative publicity. I see it as a positive thing but I don’t go look for it. For fellow artists, we work hard to maintain our brand so let’s keep it positive despite negative publicity.