Namibian launches music for all website …Donluafrica wants musicians to earn their coin

A young local entrepreneur, Llewelyn Adams, successfully launched a music trading website, Donluafrica, which will sell music online for as little as N$10 per song.

The aim of the website, the creator says, is supposed to make sure that artists do not go home empty handed after dropping a song or album.

 “The good thing about our site is that artists upload their music themselves and we just approve. Upon approval they receive a message which notifies on whether the song has been successfully uploaded or declined. I believe music is a job and deserves to be remunerated whether it’s for a single or album” he said.

According to the 26 year-old, he has already roped in 16 musicians including Sally, Priscilla, Swarts aka Desert Queen, Tswazis, J Black, Ees, KK and many others.

He also reveals that Priscilla remains the only musician who has sold a full album on the website so far.

“The website is doing well so far, it’s just that some people would promise to come on board and never do,” he explained.

The payment process, he said, requires Donluafrica to sell the music on behalf of the artist on an agreement of a 15% /85% cut for the artist.

“The money that the site gets usually goes to our service providers because it’s not much. So far, we haven’t paid any artist yet because the sales are very slow. We cannot pay a N$10. 00 to an artist's account, we would have to wait until the money accumulates,” he said.

To get your music on Donluafrica, click on