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Human hair still in demand – hair dealers

by Rosalia David

Time has proven that no ‘woke movement’ will separate a weave lover from her hair dealer, as women continue to spend up to N$5 000 for human hair.

This week, the Villager took to the streets to find out how much Namibian women are willing to spend as part of the upkeep of a fabulous look.

Owner of LET Salon, Lindy Douw told Vibe that she spends quite a lot of money on doing her hair on a monthly basis while her customers visit the salon twice per month to do their hair.

“Buying hair is not that expensive because it’s a once-off thing, you just add again after few years when the hair is becoming less. If we talk about maintaining it every month, one needs to spent money on blowing, plaiting and washing,” she said.

Meanwhile Loide Thomas who is a budding entrepreneur specialising in hair sales said that she spends up to N$5 000 yearly.

“There are customers who don’t mind buying hair every year, the good thing about Brazilian is you only buy once unless a client wants different styles at the same time like curly hair and straight hair, that requires you to have at least N$6 000 if you are paying cash.  But at least we give them on an instalment basis,” she explained.

Fashion designer Rauna Ndeilenga said she spends N$250 per month just to maintain a perfect hairstyle that tops off her look.

Ndapanda Nuusiku a fashionista who believes in looking good at all times admitted that maintaining a perfect look requires money from buying make up to investing in hair and face products.

“It requires money to look good but Brazilian hair is reusable and for some of us, we would rather invest in wigs that one can change at all times. Plaiting every month takes up a lot time and money. Rather inject the funds in wigs,” she noted.

Radio personality Lucy K also shared the same sentiment saying that people are now into wigs than plating.

“I don’t put in hair, I have cut off my hair but I know that women don’t really spend much money on buying hair but rather on making sure that the hair is well styled at all times,” she giggled.

Meanwhile, Selma Angula and Helena Mathias do not believe in spending tons of money on hair saying that, “Salons are expensive and that is why we go do our hair at friends and cousins.”