Police treating “Kablou threats” as national security concern- Shikwambi

Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi has disclosed that the police have taken seriously threats of revenge circulating on social media following the killing of well known criminal Sakaria “Kablou" Amateta.

Speaking to The Villager, Shikwambi said the police are treating this as a matter of national security concern saying that they have been put on high alert.

“It is a national threat if it involves the police and the whole public is also included. We do not know who is the author of that circulation but whoever is the author threatening us and the public must know that we are not relaxed.”

“Our message has been and continue to be that people should be at safe places taking care of themselves. We are also trying to deter people from walking after-hours in dark places, river beds and so on.  They should up their security,” she said.

Crime fighting Namibia Marshal Rangers Sheriff Sean Naude has also said that by issuing condolences on social media, some of Kablou’s accomplices were exposing themselves saying the long arm of the law is coming after them.

“These guys are all blowing hot air. People must stop fearing these people and good people must stand together and not allow criminals like these in society to get away with it. Now they are sending condolences, my brother my whatsoever, it’s good because they are all exposing who they are on social media.”

“We need to strike fear into people like these to let them know that we are not going to tolerate this in society anymore. We stand united as a nation against wicked criminality as they try to make our lives miserable. They are a bunch of cowards, man!” said Sheriff.

Meanwhile, news of Kablou’s fatal shooting has gone rife and has attracted mixed reactions from members of the public.

According to Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi, Kablou tried to stab a police officer with a knife, who in retaliation shot and killed him.