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Avid-SSC corruption convicts to plead for lesser sentences

by Kelvin Chiringa

The convicted five whose scalps were claimed in the Avid-SSC corruption scandal will stand before judge Christie Liebenberg on the 11th and 12th of June 2018 to plead for lesser sentences.

The proceedings will commence with effect from 9:00am, judge Liebenberg said. 

Nico Josea who was found guilty of theft by cohesion of Social Security Commission (SSC) money meant for investments was sent back to holding cells facilities.

Meanwhile, the other convicted four have had their bails extended on the same condictions and these are Paulus Kapia guilty of fraud, Inez /Gases guilty of fraud, Ralph Blaauw guilty of fraud and Sharon Blaauw guilty of reckless conduct of business.

“They will be stating their personal circumstances and reasons why the court should be lenient,” said lawyer, Ed Marondedze, speaking to The Villager. 

A verdict was reached last week at the high court that Josea had worked in cahoots with the late Lazarus Kandara and a South African based Alan Rosenberg to swindle the SSC of N$30 million which was meant to be invested by Avid.

Kandara’s death by shooting has been veiled in mystery with speculation of assassination having gone rife.

The case suffered another major set back when Serious Crime Unit’s police investigator, Constable Chaolin Tjitemisa, died under mysterious circumstances in a car accident on 14 April 2012 between Gobabis and Epukiro.

The scandal had also dragged with it the heads of former Avid director and lawyer Otniel Podewiltz and retired army brigadier, Mathias Shiweda who were fortunate enough to be acquitted of fraudulent conduct of business last week. 

With the final verdict having been reached, public opinion is heavily slanted against the convicts with voices having been raised louder that  they deserve harsher sentences given the depth of the crimes, fraud, theft and corruption.  

Meanwhile, their fate remains in the hands of Judge Liebenberg when the sentences get to be pronounced in months’ time.