AMTA buys grain worth over N$40m from local farmers

The Afro-Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA) has purchased N$43 million worth of grain from local farmers during the ended financial year.

AMTA has engaged local producers to sell their products directly or through agents since its inception to empower and encourage them to sell their products locally, managing director of AMTA, Lugameni Lucas, has announced during the familiarisation visit of the agriculture minister to the agency in the capital on Tuesday.

“Local producers have reacted positive towards AMTA efforts to get them as board as stakeholders. Produces are now selling their products and they make profit like any other business does and this is one of the greatest achievements of AMTA,” he said.

He added that some local producers have expanded their produce due to market related prices AMTA is offering.

About 4 247 surplus producers have benefited from selling grain to the agency in the same financial year.

Lucas also said that currently there is about 10 940 stock valued at N$55 million in the National Strategic Food Reserves (NSFR).

“The key role of NSFR is to ensure grain storage, packing, sorting and grading. It is also to assist the government to ensure food availability in response to food shortage in the country during drought, disasters and other emergencies and to ensure national food security,” he said.

During the 2017/18 financial year AMTA's, National Fresh Produce Business Hubs (NFPBH) has traded 3 671 metric tons valued at N$ 30 630 011.65 and about 477 local producers have benefited.