Sula explains gender based violence allegations as latest Oteya project …as she releases Am Gone

Pictures of a bruised Oteya surfaced on the internet this week stirring gender based violence allegations against Ogopa butterfly chief executive officer, Suleiman (Sula) Kyababa, and now he explains that it was for a music video.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Sula labelled the allegations as false and malicious.

The pictures which show what appears to be a bruised neck is nothing but make-up for a music video on gender based violence, and that the photos were leaked after Sula’s phone was stolen.

“Ogopa Butterfly would like to inform fans of Oteya and members of the public at large that the rumours circulating on social media that Oteya was abused physically are false and malicious. A phone belonging to Ogopa Butterfly CEO was stolen and it contained still images of Oteya’s upcoming video release of ‘I’m gone’ which was scheduled to be released on the 14th of May,” they wrote.

In the new music video, Oteya who is playing the role of an abused wife goes to the extent of covering her neck with a scarf.

The video which is titled 'Am Gone' speaks about a woman leaving her husband who turned out to be a monster, after acting like a gentleman at the beginning of the relationship.

“I never knew I had the strength until you gave my way, everything I have been through, I will survive, I am gone,” the song says.

The statement by Ogopa further says, “Ogopa Butterfly does not in anyway shape or form condone domestic violence and Oteya will continue to be the voice of strong independent women in Namibia who speak put against gender based violence and for the upliftment of women,” it stated.