Seven women to take part in Women Rock Show

Seven women are expected to take part in the Women Rock show which is slated for the 26th of May at the Windhoek Spin City grounds in the capital. 

This will be the fisrt event of this magnitude where women will show case their talents in spinning, director of Windhoek Spin City and organiser of the event, Joel Nambahu has said. 

“We are looking forward to the event. Spinning is male dominated and these are brave women amongst men that will be taking the crowd by storm on that day. We have invited all the women that love spinning to take part in the show from as far as South Africa. Our own spinners are also looking forward to the event and hopefully we will see explosive tricks from our spinners and counterparts as well,” he said. 

He added that most of the ladies have experience as they have been a part of spinning from tender ages. 

Nambahu also said said that three women from south Africa will take part in the show along four women spinners of the land of the brave. 

“This show is all about women and we have also invited female DJs as well as a female MC to entertain the crowd on the day. The women are excited about the event and it's something the whole country must look forward to as these types of shows are not happening frequently,” Nambahu said.

He added that the first 100 women will have an opportunity to enter the spin pit free of charge. 

Amongst women that will take part in the show are Felicia; Kaylin ; Vankies ; Angel dust ; Snyder ; Cleo ; Elinot and Mrs Snyders.