Rabies continue to haunt Namibia’s Kudu and cattle

Namibia’s Kudu and cattle face yet again another threat from rabies as it has come under the attention of the Namibia Agricultural Union that  the disease in  the two animals again increased.  

Said NAU’s Erika von Gierszewski, “Rabies is a fatal viral illness which can be transferred amongst species. If such cases occur on farms, farmers are requested to take the head of the animal (handle with normal care) to the veterinary state laboratory. Symptoms of rabies in cattle are inter alia abnormal salivation and trouble in swallowing. Farmers are advised to vaccinate their animals against rabies.”  

Dr. Libertine Amathila launched a project five years ago and The Villager reported that a Kudu vaccination was still at an experimental phase. 

The control of the disease is especially vital for Namibia where trophy hunters flock for the animal and sadly its population is going down.

 It has been suggested by experts that there is the possibility of giving an oral vaccine to Kudu by throwing baits in populated areas, yet how this could be done posed a challenge. 

The ideal means is that of throwing the vaccine in their drinking water.