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Lioness calls on artists to boycott Chopsi’s

by Rosalia David

Local rapper Lioness has come out guns blazing at the owner of Chopsi’s bar Tshoopara Tshoopara who has been accused of failing to stop a fight that occurred at Chopsi’s bar on Friday night.

The ‘Dreams’ star has now called on other musicians to join her in boycotting performances at the establishment, after the incident.

Speaking to Vibe, Lioness said she is disappointed, adding that Chopsi’s has now become an unsafe place to be despite the presence of bouncers.

According to a daily newspaper, Keith Vries, a journalist and poet was violently attacked at the bar in the early hours of Friday morning in what many are calling a ‘homophobic’ attack.

In an interview with the same newspaper, Vries was reported saying he was attacked after coming to the aid of a female friend who was groped by a fellow patron while they were standing at the bar,after which the man allegedly tripped, punched and kicked him while he was on the ground.

“How do you refuse to apologise for something that happened at your place, what are the bouncers there for? I am very disappointed because he is one of the people that we have supported through out his career and sees nothing wrong. The way he speaks, he is an intelligent guy that shouldn’t be the one on the forefront of this,” Lioness stressed.

She went on to say that she also got into an argument with one of the bouncers in the past, and was almost chucked off the premises while with friends.

“I know he can’t control everything but at least what he could have done is issue a public apology and not act like there was nothing wrong with what happened,” she said.

She further told this publication that she has made it public that she will not be performing at the premises until he issues a public apology.

Although her aim is to protect and support those who sustained injuries during the altercation while the bouncers watched, she was also disappointed by other artists who have not come on board to support the petition.

“It's funny how an anonymous person actually came to me asking me to remove what I have posted and I said no, why do people think that this is right? No one came on board, I am the only one and as a public figure I refuse to tolerate such acts,” she said.

Tshoopara took to social media saying, "I signed their petition to help their cause mxiim.”

He then went on to say, “The farther they are the safer our bar is. I know this boy. We good thanks.”