Walvis Bay youth want parks and sports fields renovated

Three youngsters from the coastal town, Walvis Bay, who identified themselves as Joseph Mulisa, Carlos Shatyohamba and Fanuel Vitallius have called on good Samaritans to come to their aid and assist them in their plight to improve Kuisebmonds’ basketball sports grounds and a children’s playground.

This is in an effort to provide children in that community with a safe playground and to help the youth redirect their energy to community sports instead of turning to drugs and alcohol abuse which has become a challenge for the Kuisebmond community.

Speaking to The Villager on behalf of the group, Mulisa said, “Having grown up here, it’s quite disappointing to see the state in which community facilities are in. So, what me and my other two partners thought was, are we going to wait for the government. And we decided to go for it.”

He stressed that the group is not looking for money but stakeholders who will come on board to help with renovations by providing the materials needed.

“We don’t want funds actually because it complicates a lot of things, what we want is for different companies to give a helping hand. If we can have a painting company, construction etc offering what they are able to do, that would be the way to go,” he noted.

He said, “even if it’s just an individual person offering to help with any ground work, it will be very much appreciated. We have the world youth day coming up and we decided to prioritise our fellow youth.”

Mulisa is a law graduate from the University of Namibia (UNAM) actor, script writer and a presenter.

While Shatyohamba is an entrepreneur, and a professional football player.

Vitalius is an entrepreneur as well and they all grew up in Walvisbay.