Stray Buffalo sends agriculture ministry in panic mode … as extreme measures are put in place in the hunt-to-kill effort

A report of a stray African buffalo sighted in Ouje village in Eiseb block in the Omaheke region has sent the directorate of veterinary services in panic mode and extreme measures have been put in place in order to track and kill it.

Chief veterinary officer, Adrianatus Maseke has said that in line with provisions of the Animal Health Act, 1 of 2011, Namibia does not allow African buffalo outside national parks. 

“As a result, all areas, farms and neighboring farming units in Eiseb, Otjinene, Rietfontein and Epukiro are hereby declared as restricted areas where cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, cloven hoofed game and any cloven animal and their products may not be moved into and out with immediate effect,” he said. 

He said all animals’ gathering activities and animals and animal products in transit in the restricted areas have been suspended till further notice.

A team of veterinary and wildlife officials is reportedly being deployed in the area to track the buffalo and kill it.

Maseke also said movement of all processed ready to eat products like sour milk, dry salted biltong, cheese, butter, yoghurt and other such products are allowed into and out of the restricted area.

All issued veterinary movement permits for animal originating from Eiseb, Otjinene, Rietnfontein and Epukiro have also been cancelled. 

“Roadblocks will be set up at strategic points in order to ensure compliance with the measures,” he said.

Disease surveillance activities by veterinary officials in susceptible livestock population has also been intensified.