Reeziana makes it big at the NAMAs

Upcoming rapper Riana Rizeltha Naris who goes by the stage name Reeziana had a dream to rise from being an underground rapper to be a fully recognised artist and took the spot light at the Namibian Annual Music Awards after scooping Best Afrikaans award.

She has also pulled off a grand performance at awards with her single titled Jammer.

The artist who has two albums under her belt already told Vibe that she did not expected to win any award, as it was her first time taking part in the annual music competition.

Speaking to Vibe, Reeziana said, “I am highly honoured to have received the best Afrikaans award, the funny thing is, I recorded the song through being dared to rap in in the language. I am not just an Afrikaans rapper but an artist.”

She further explained that she has always wanted to be in the music industry to inspire and uplift people after experiencing life challenges growing up.

“Life has not been easy, sometimes you want to do something so badly but life situations wouldn’t allow you or financial difficulties for instance,” she noted.

The Windhoek born and raised Reeziana who opened up about her experience growing up in the dust of Katutura in Dolam said life has not been kind to her as she had to stay home after completing her secondary education at Acacia Secondary School.

She said she was stuck between having to join the streets or look for employment to be able to sustain the only thing that she had always wanted to do which is “doing music”.

She told Vibe that she then managed to get a job at the Avshi disability trust which aims to empower and equip people living with disabilities with the necessary skills.

“My next album will be about inspiring somebody because working for an organisation as such teaches one a lot. It is also a good feeling when we have taught someone how to draw for example,” she explained.

Although her music is now heading in the right direction, Reeziana said that trying to prove herself in a male dominated industry remains her biggest challenge.

“There are times you want to do something or record at a studio but people do not take you as serious as they take their male clients, they would rather want to have a relationship with you,” she stressed.

Apart from being side-lined when it comes to the hip hop genre, she said that she will be dropping a new album in September under the record label Edvicted music where she is currently signed to.