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Pioniers Park Pharmacy Closed a smashing success …as squash makes inroads on Namibian sporting landscape

by Steven Berry/Kelvin Chiringa

The Pioniers Park Pharmacy Closed was one of the biggest successes in recent history at the Namibia’s iconic Wanderers squash club.

With a maximum number of entries (64), the draw was extremely competitive, all the way through all 4 draws.

With Namibian squash struggling to attract female players over the last few years, it was exciting to see that there were a massive 24 female entries. 

This resulted in top female players, such as Isabel Schnoor, Adri Lambert, Trix vd Westhuizen, Carla Notje and a few other top Namibian female players having to be moved into the men’s divisions, in order to accommodate all the lady players.

With all the draws producing some very exciting and intense matches, it was the A division which caught a lot of attention in more ways than one.

Looking at the A division, there were numerous players who have only started playing squash recently, but proved more than competent to play amongst Namibia’s best.

“This is very exciting to see, firstly having so many female players taking part, but to see the number of male players playing at such a high standard. Not only are our numbers growing, but the quality of squash is at a level we have not seen before,” said club chairperson Steve Berry. 

The other exciting thing about this tournament, and obviously will be leading to mouth-watering matches in the future, was the fact that Namibia’s number one player, Andrew Forrest, was dethroned by the 18-year-old matriculant from Windhoek Gymnasium, Kyle Kriel.

Proving that Namibia’s top players is in a very healthy condition, the fact that the youngster has now defeated Namibia’s number one, means that there will be a lot more uncertainty and excitement about who the champion of future tournaments will be.

It’s obvious that Forrest will be hurting from his loss, and will be looking to correct his mistakes to be ready for the Nashua Open and the Visions Championships later this year.

For now, however, it is time for Kyle Kriel to enjoy the moment, as the youngster is the first Namibian player to defeat Forrest in competition in a number of years.

With competition amongst Namibia’s squash players at such a high level, players will be expected to put in the extra yards if they want to be able to reach the top.

In short, Squash in Namibia is in a very healthy condition.

Please take note of the following results from the Pioniers Park Pharmacy Wanderers Closed 2018:

Mixed C Division:


3rd-Jacques vd Smit

2nd-Denise Weidemann

1st-Jan Kirsten


3rd- Julie Rusch

2nd- Lloyd Dien

1st- Franco Lambert

Mixed B Division:


3rd- Gregory Moore

2nd- Carla Nortje

1st- Sven Hopkins


3rd- Adolf Denk

2nd- Bradley Morkel

1st- Dries Tredoux



3rd-Sonja Hopkins

2nd- Nicole Dien

1st- Maryke Serdyn


3rd-Marion Berry

2nd- Berns de Roubaix

1st- Liezel Wejgergangs

Mixed A:

Plate: 3rd- Steven Berry

2nd- Henko Knipe

1st- Henco Serdyn


3rd- Max Endjala

2nd- Andrew Forrest

1st- Kyle Kriel



· Rayner Hendriksen for service towards Wanderers Squash

· Gwen Lister for years and dedication towards the growth of Squash in Namibia.

Female Club Champion 2018:

· Adri Lambert

Male Club Champion 2018:

· Kyle Kriel