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Sally and Kalux win big at the NAMAs

by Rosalia David

Afro-fusion singer and dynamic vocalist Sally Ephraim aka Boss Madam and the multilingual artist Saggarias Karunga better known as Kalux have shown gratitude towards the NAMAs saying that hard work eventually pays off.

Speaking to Vibe in a telephonic interview, Sally told Vibe that the reward for her work has left her feeling blessed and could only promise to keep releasing her best quality.

“I have worked so hard on my last album. It was a tough category because I was competing with other talented female artists like Chikune and Suzy Eises any of them would also have deserved it,” she said.

With a hot new trailer of her music video ‘Net So” out, Sally said she will be celebrating her award while planning the drop of her latest project on her birthday in May.

“We will be celebrating man, when you have good friends one can always expect a party. What I am currently working on is to drop Net So on the 13th of May which is the day I was born. It’s a Kasie fun video, I am a “Kasie” girl you know, so let’s wait until the video is out,” Sally noted.

Sally who is thrilled about the award further encouraged upcoming female artists to continue doing what they do saying that hard work eventually pays off.

“I am going to say what I usually say, keep doing you, don’t give up because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s continue pushing,” she said.

The video was shot by Eric Mule.

Kalux who has also been working hard through the year dropping steamy music videos and touring across the country for performance was awarded with the Best Male artist of the year award.

Speaking to this publication Kalux said he had already imagined himself walking on stage collecting his award as he had been consistent with music for many years.

“I saw it all coming, I knew I was going to walk on that stage and will be talking to an audience, but obviously I feel blessed and honoured and I believe I have worked hard too,” he noted.

Pressed on what he is currently working on, Kalux said he will be busy with performances but however plans to release a new single in the coming months.

He further urged fellow musicians to keep “hustling” and never give up on their dreams noting that it all takes hard work and dedication.

Meanwhile, Suzy Eises won the Best Album of the year award while the most popular song Warakata took the Best song of the year award.

Exit and the PDK have also managed to scoop an award for the first time in history after many years of struggling to get an award from the annual music ceremony.