Households accessing potable water increase marginally

The Ministry of Agriculture has recorded an increase of 5% in Namibian households that now have access to potable water due to the implementation of water supply schemes.  

The total percentage of households that have access to potable water, within a proximity distance of 2.5Km increased from 83% to 88% over the proceeding strategic plan implementation.

 “We plan to achieve a decrease in food insecurity from 25% to 12 % an increase in food production by 20 % from the 2015/2016 production base. 100 % of Namibian households have improved access to safe drinking water from the current 91%, ensure water supply volumes have increased for human consumption and industry use. Namibia is sustainably managing her natural resources,” said permanent secretary, Percy Misika.  

  Misika reiterated that the ministry’s strategic plan is set to achieve the National Development Plan5 (NDP) and the Namibia Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP). 

“MWAF shall uphold to its core value for improved service delivery to customers and while promoting the critical and prerequisite success factors, this plan appeals for rededication, devotion, focus, innovation and commitment by the workforce to ensure its successful implementation,” he said.