NESA to host first national qualifiers

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) is hosting the first round of national qualifiers for gamers in Tekken7 and FIFA18 on PlayStation4 at the Imagine Games Café in Windhoek this Saturday. 

NESA will be choosing two champions per title for national colors to represent Namibia internationally, treasurer of the association Salomé de Bryn has said.  

“Should Namibian eSports receive adequate sponsorships for this year, it will be possible for one or more of these National players to represent Namibia at the 10th IeSF World Championship that will take place in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Registrations are open and can be done before-hand,” she said. 

She added that Namibian players will be afforded another chance to partake in the national tournament as qualifier 2 for FIFA18 and Tekken7 will be announced soon. 

All players are expected to be registered NESA members, with membership fees at a mere N$250, where membership is renewable each year in April. Players can then enter the competition at N$50 per game title.

De Bryn also stated that players that score the best points in the two qualifiers events will be invited to partake in the National Finals later this year for selection of the best players Namibian eSports has to offer.  

“International matches are already being organised for the winners to compete against South Africa and NESA is making every effort to afford more opportunities to these athletes,” she said.  

Last year’s champions were Rashaad Matjila and John Walenga for FIFA, and Freddy Mazila and Morne Hough for Tekken. 

Mazila also had the unique opportunity to be the very first player to represent Namibia at the International eSports Federation (IeSF) World Championship which took place in Busan, South Korea. 

The cash prices up for grabs will be N$ 800.00 for 1st place, N$ 500.00 for second place and N$ 200.00 for third place. 

To be eligible for the Namibian National eSports Team  players must be Namibian citizens de Bryn has said.