Artists need to get an education- Ndawana

Upcoming Afro pop artist Immanuel Ame-Ondawanapo Ndume who goes by the stage name Ndawana has come out to say that there is a need for local artists to acquire education first before taking on music.

Ndawana who is currently pursuing his studies in Medicine and Science at the University of Johannesburg, said that money from music is not sufficient enough and musicians should give it a second thought before dropping out of school.

The Villager set with the aspiring artist and this is what he had to say.

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Stage Name: Ndawana

Genre: Afro Pop and Tradition


Vibe: Where exactly are you from?

N: I am from Okalongo, that is where my grandmother is but we are actually from Tsumeb.

Vibe: Give us a brief background on your music career?

N: You know what, I started doing music long time ago but professionally, I recorded my first single in 2015 titled Onjilayile which got me an award at the African Upcoming Musician Awards in Nigeria.

I dropped my first album in 2016 titled Onjilayile which consisted of 16 tracks and it was produced by YoungT.

The album was nominated in the 2016 NAMAs for best traditional.

Vibe: Throughout your music career, where have you performed before?

N: I have performed in Nigeria at the awards ceremony I was nominated, India and London internationally.

Locally, I have performed at the IUM cultural festival, Ongwediva, Walvisbay, Ondangwa and Oshakati.

Vibe: Who are some of the artists you have worked with before?

N: I have worked with Serge Beynaud from Ivory Coast and he produced few songs on my album.

Vibe: Who inspired you musically?

N: There is a lady called DamaMonique, I love her energy, when she is on stage she is something else.

Another guy called Bhukaid also inspired me a lot.

Vibe: What’s new, what can we expect from Ndawana this year?

N: I am actually working on a new album that is set for release in August but before that I will be dropping two singles with their videos. On one single I featured Kiss Daniel.

Vibe: What are some of the challenges you face as an upcoming musician?

N: You know what, there are so many points I would like to point out right now. Firstly, I have a problem with well established artists who are greedy and do not wish to work with the underground guys. They will quote you a ridiculous amount like they are charging a corporate company.

I also do not like the unnecessary beefing among upcoming folks, it's breaking down our industry because the person ends up rather singing about beef than doing what they intended to do at the beginning of their music career.

Lastly, we upcoming artists do not get the necessary exposure but when a journalist sees Gazza or Blossom for example at Kapana, it’s a story. Let us branch out guys it’s not fair. The fact that producers do not take upcoming artists seriously is breaking us down. They will have a professional session with the big guys and when it comes to us your art is handled like you are not paying.

Vibe: You mentioned that you are a student and artist, how do you balance the two?

N: My education comes first and that is why I haven’t released anything in 2017 because school was too hectic for me.

Vibe: What about your favourite food?

N: There is nothing more I love more than traditional food.

Vibe: What are your last words?

N: I just want to advice my fellow musicians to really consider getting an education. Our country is not like anywhere else where people can consider music as a career. We are already a small population, it's always good to have that degree or diploma as a back-up plan.