NAMAs don’t give up on our music - Fishman

Kwaito artist, Salmon Uulenga, who goes by the stage name Fishman, has pleaded with the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) to keep supporting musicians through the awards, regardless of negative comments by artists who are unhappy with the NAMAs way of doing business.

Fishman has admitted that he too once was one of many artists who had complaints regarding the NAMAs, but says he does not agree with any of the complaints by artists against the biggest music event of year.

 “We need to be thankful of the opportunity we have here, they don’t owe us anything but have created a platform which allows each and every artist to believe in their art.  NBC and MTC you guys are doing a great job. I am one of the people that have also made noise before but came to realise its not good,” he explained.

Fishman who is gearing up for his seventh album further noted that he has not entered for the NAMAs as he had not released any material last year.

He said he has been keeping it “on the low” with music while working on his personal things.

“I have been working on my farm and all that. But at the same time, I believe one does not need to be releasing every year for you to be an artist. We need to start looking at how guys such as Diamond Platinum drops,” he noted.

Despite his absence from music last year, he has marked his comeback with an outstanding performance on Saturday night at Dubai lounge where he performed popular tracks from his previous album.

“Talent should not die and my next album will be out in August where I have featured prominent upcoming artist such as Bantu and many others,” he said.

According to the super star, he will be taking a different approach with his long awaited upcoming album through working with a variety of producers.