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Upcoming model Danny Shikwambi says he was made for TV

by Rosalia David

Walvisbay born and raised male model and co-founder of Vault Connect online magazine is determined to leave footprints in the modelling industry, and become a household name.

He has left his market at the 2016 Windhoek Fashion Week, and has stripped for the Lumia Clothing Boutique in the capital where he showcased their suits.

Danny says that he has his eyes set on working for international names such as Calvin Klein.

When he sat with Vibe this week, this is what he had to say.

Full name: Danny Shikwambi

Age: 21

Relationship status: Single

Vibe: How long have you been modelling?

DS: I actually just started when I moved to Windhoek in 2016, that’s when I grew a passion for it. I then took part in the first Windhoek Fashion week when I worked for Melisa Poulten and that is when I started liking modelling.

Vibe: How has the experience been, being a male model?

DS: So far so good, it has been great hey from my first ever photo shoot I had I would say my breakthrough came after the first shoot.

Vibe: Being a model in Namibia, do you think male models are now gaining the necessary recognition?

DS: I feel that it has evolved compared to back then, it was something that people believed had to do with women only. Men have now started to be comfortable, look at people such as Munana who have paved the way for many models. Even I you go to casting now there is a balance between the female and male models sometimes males are even more.

Vibe: What are your plans for the year?

DS: I don’t really like to reveal what plans I have because you never know who wants to see you flourish or not. But my biggest dream was to always be on TV, even my mom knows I have always wanted to be in the spotlight without outshining my modelling career. Apart from building my magazine I will also be building my portfolio.

Vibe: Who is your local celebrity crush?

DS: If I tell you it won’t be a crush anymore. Crushes must remain crushes. If they find out they will try to make a move and it won’t be interesting anymore. I want to crush on my person alone.

Vibe: What is your favourite food?

DS: I am such a foodie hey, but when it comes to junk food I like pies.  Home cooked meals I love pasta with mushroom white sauce kind of vibes.

Vibe: How do you keep your body fit and ready to hit the runway at any given time?

DS: I work out and just make sure to eat right.