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AR wants Oshakati Zimbabwean judge deported

by Kelvin Chiringa

Affirmative Repositioning (AR) co-founder, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma has said Oshakati’s high court judge, Maphios Cheda, a Zimbabwean national must pack and go back home following allegations of abuse of power and denying justice to ordinary Namibians over land.

Cheda has been presiding over two hotly contested cases in which a villager by the name Lukas Johannes has clashed with the Ongwediva Town Council which has not paid him for his lost land and 17 other villagers that got slapped with eviction notices to make way for development. 

In all these cases, Nauyoma said the judge has not been acting in the best interest of the ordinary people and thus he should pack his bags and take the flight back to his home-country. 

 Although the cases have been taken over by Judge President Petrus Damaseb, Nauyoma said there won’t be victory for as long as Cheda is still within Namibia. 

“Cheda has not fallen yet. What they have done is to say that all matters relating to land and resettlement in that area will now be dealt with by the judge president. So they are removing what we have been saying all along that this man is not fit to preside over these judgments.”

“But we are saying that this man must go back home and in fact we want him not to preside over any case because he exercised prejudice on these people. We do not have a guarantee now that these people will be protected. That this man does really follow the law,” said Nauyoma.

Nauyoma also claimed that Cheda has been part of the cabal that was ousted out of power back in Zimbabwe which was working against justice for the poor. 

But the famous AR leaders have been criticized for expressing their views with a veneer of xenophobia, yet Nauyoma maintains that while they will not shy away from his nationality, their outrage could have been vented against anyone found in Cheda’s position. 

“Somebody with this understanding comes into our country and does the same thing to our people. It can not be correct that we are depriving our grandmothers who every time development comes it gets taken away from them,” he said. 

 Nauyoma said that Cheda got a personal loan from the now defunct SME Bank of a N$100 000 and is connected to business people, which he said is not in keeping with the person of his position.

The bank was mandated to be a cash-cow for fledgling entrepreneurs but has been blasted for tipping to the side of the elite. 

Meanwhile, the AR have put the date for the mass demonstration on the 26th of May which will see them nocking on the door of the Oshakati High court demanding the fall of the Zimbabwean. 

A former Bulawayo High Court Judge in Zimbabwe, Cheda was appointed a permanent judge of the Windhoek High Court in Namibia in 2013.

 He studied law at the University of Zimbabwe and served as a prosecutor and then as a magistrate before going into private practice in Bulawayo where he founded Cheda & Partners.