Female spinner makes waves

Namibia's only 20 year old female spinner and motorsport lover, Evanka Möller has been the talk of town in the motorsports code.

Möller, who has been part of the sports code for almost a year, says that she developed love for motorsports at a tender age.

“I started driving while I was only six years old. As I grew up I developed love for motorsports. I loved driving so much that it came to a point that it was the only thing I wanted to do. Spinning was not so challenging to me because I have love for speed and anything that had to do with motorsports,” Möller told The Villager.  

She added that she looks up to her fellow male spinners as they always encourage her to do better and learn from them. 

Möller also said that as Namibia's only female spinner she would like to see more females join the sport code in the near future.  

“I would like to tell every female out there that has love for the sport not to hesitate to join us on the tracks. It is not meant for men only. What men can do we women can do better, that is what I believe. Spinning is not easy but once you are in, you will get to a level where you will feel comfortable with spinning,” she said.  

She added that the most important thing to remember when taking part in motorsports iis that anything is possible and concentration is always needed when spinning on tracks as it could be dangerous sometimes. 

Meanwhile Möller will be taking part in the Windhoek Spin City show slated for 25 and 26 of May aimed at empowering female spinners. South African female spinners are expected to join in at the show.