Hakahana drowning victim found, 3 year old still missing

The Namibian Police (Nampol) on Tuesday morning recovered the body of Saima Thomas, 32, in Hakahana after the shack she and her husband and two children were living in was washed away by heavy rain waters on Monday night.

The shack which was located at Abraham Iiyambo informal settlement took with it the deceased and her three year old son when it was dragged off by the rain, and the boy has still not been found, the police confirmed.

“A search was conducted and the woman’s body, 32-year-old Saima Thomas was found. The body of Jason Lukas Shindinge is not yet found. The police as well as the community continue with the search. Investigations continue,” Nampol spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said.

According to the crime report, the incident happened on Monday 16 April 2018 at about 21h00, two people are believed to have been drowned when the shack in which they were sleeping was completely destroyed and washed away by rain water at Abraham Iiyambo informal settlement on the outskirt of Hakahana, Windhoek.

“Four occupants were inside a corrugated iron house which was erected in the riverbed; a couple and their two children aged 3 years and 3 days old, respectively,” he confirmed.

The man allegedly grabbed the baby and ran out of the room when the rain water suddenly destroyed their dwelling while the woman and the three-year-old boy were flooded away by the water currents. The baby has since been taken to the hospital and is currently stable.