Lack of support and funds restricts local authors

Namibian authors have identified lack of support by the local community as a stumbling block in their aspiration to reach international shelves.

Authors identified by Vibe have revealed that they have dreams to churn out more than one book however that has been a challenge because Namibians either do not read or do not support local.

Speaking to Vibe, author for Modern Relationships and Love, Sex and Flight tickets, Monica Pinias said that they struggle to get funds for publishing.

“It is not an easy thing to raise funds for publishing, the most difficult thing is to self-publish and finding content which is appealing to everyone. Not everyone wants to read about anything or everything. One need to get content which captures the attention of both the new generation and the older market, something that not only one person can relate to,” she explained.

She further identified writer's block as also one of her challenges.

Otto Kapuka who recently released ‘Unleashing and Honouring Your Invisible Contract’ also corroborated on Monica’s comment saying that money for printing books remains his challenge.

“There is no money to publish and the prices to print are quite too high. The support from local people is also not there, the reason why authors and public speakers are becoming rich and creating job opportunities for many people it’s because they have a huge support culture,” he noted.

He added that strengthening the support system in Namibian should be prioritised to encourage local authors.

“Content is also another issue that we face, sometimes one wants to write about someone’s story, you know an African content however, no one really wants their stories to be told. We don’t want to be telling stories from other countries,” he said.

Another author, Simon Nakapunda, who wrote the ‘Clipping Katherine's Wings', 'Chad and the Magical Rains' and its sequel, 'Chad and the Guardians of Ehrenh-sted' as well as a book titled   'Oshiwambo Names and their Meanings and Other Works' said increasing his book sales is a major challenge.

“I don’t really have a problem with getting publication because I publish my own work. The biggest problem I normally face is getting the targeted sales I have set for myself. If I have to print 500 copies, getting those 500 copies sold is one of the hardest thing,” he explained.

He added, “Namibians now tend to read a lot but when they start to read they read more of their international best seller than their own local content.”

Author of The Process, Sisilia Nekwaya said she is still new in the game, however she also mentioned that availability of content is the biggest challenge for authors.