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Redforce still blacklisting farmers inspite of contract expiration … cites internal clauses allowing them to continue

by Kelvin Chiringa

Redforce Debt Management chief executive officer, Julius Nyamazana, has confirmed that his company is still blacklisting farmers in spite of the contract they have with Agribank having expired in March of this year.

Redforce Debt Management won a tender to recover N$500 million for Agribank from farmers who had defaulted on their loans. 

Speaking with this publication after it came out that the contract date had long passed, Nyamazana said the bank had not communicated with him as to whether their services were no longer needed or not in light of the contract agreements.

“There is a difference between termination and the contract coming to an end. Agribank gave us a one-year contract which finally came to an end this March. But the contract has some clauses which give specification for renewal, specification for what should be done if there is no communication. So there has been no communication from the bank. The contract still goes ahead,” said Nyamazana.  

Nyamazana also bashed reports by the Windhoek Observer that they had lost out on the Agribank tender and that both companies had cut ties.

This prompted a sudden sigh of relief from defaulting farmers who took the news as a huge development towards reaching an agreement with the bank following their calls for Redforce to be stopped from blacklisting them. 

“That’s the problem with newspapers, when you call and someone tries to explain you get what you think can sell the newspaper and you give people wrong information. We have not heard anything from the bank up to now.”  

 “So the previous newspaper quoted me wrongly when I said the contract was one year and it was ending on such and such a date. But it’s fine, the contract is still working. We are still blacklisting people, there is no way we would just go and blacklist people illegally. We get the instruction from Agribank itself,” explained Nyamazana. 

Agribank’s manager for marketing and communication, Rino Muranda refused to comment on whether Agribank was considering renewing the contract. 

“I think our communication is very clear, collections will continue, as far as the contract is concerned I think we have said enough on this matter, so we are not going to comment any more,” he said. 

Some previously disadvantaged farmers had also approached The Villager complaining that despite initial news of the termination of contract, they were still under the blacklist. 

“Agribank has not responded to any of our demands my brother and we want to know why we are still under the blacklist,” said one farmer speaking on condition of anonymity. 

Meanwhile, Nyamazana disclosed that Redforce has managed to collect N$80 million for the bank,” That’s a distinction It’s 70% and above. So we call it a distinction in the recovery industry,” he said.