AEMS Ambulance involved in accident en-route to attend an accident scene … as a police vehicle rams into State House Dural-wall

An AEMS ambulance got involved in an accident along the airport road on its way to attend an accident scene over the weekend when cars failed to give it the way although no injuries were recorded, Marshall rangers Sheriff Sean Naude has confirmed. 

There had been a reported accident five kilometers out of town involving a Mercedes Benz and Bakkie which had to later be attended to by a second ambulance.

“I was the first on scene. The lady driver was trapped and the male passenger of the bakkie was trapped. So I helped to rescue them and then on the way to the scene, AEMS ambulance services were coming around that bent where there are Hage Geingob houses, you know the plots.”

“The cars didn’t give way for the ambulance and two vehicles trapped it and it was taken off the road. Totally damaged. So that’s one less ambulance for us on the road for emergencies and we already have so little,” said the Sheriff.

He took time to advise motorists to learn to make way for emergency vehicles if their lights are on and sounding sirens.

“If you do not hear the siren because your music is too loud you must look at all your mirrors to make sure that there is no emergency vehicle. If you see one you should just pull over to the side or make way so that they can pass. People don’t care. I see it daily. People just drive like they want and the fact that they do not focus on the road they do not see emergency vehicles,” said Naude.

AEMS confirmed the incident but could not provide details on the extent of damage referring this reporter to their management which was not available when calls were made. 

Meanwhile, a police vehicle along Robert Mugabe lost control and rammed into the State House metal wall which got a fix on the same day. 

Chief Inspector, Kauna Shikwambi could not confirm the report as she was on leave by the time of the accident. 

In another crime report, a Namibian truck driver who got arrested in Zambia a few weeks ago on charges of murder made a brief appearance in court before his case got postponed.