Big Ben to drop seventh album

Award winning and live performer Big Ben will be dropping his seventh album this winter, preparing his fans and music lovers for a sizzling night out of dancing.

Speaking to Vibe, Big Ben said he has not finalised the name of the album yet as he is still struggling to make a choice between naming it Final Approach or Back to Basics 102.

“The album was supposed to come out last year but we lost the laptop at the NAMAs. It got stolen there and that set us back totally. We are eventually done and we are targeting to release this winter that has just started. Unfortunately, I cannot give a specific date,” Big Ben said.

Although he had the Final Approach in mind, he clarified that the name does not mean it’s his last album but rather talks about the announcement made on aeroplane when landing.

“The name was supposed to make sense to those who think one only does music when you are young or appear fashionable. My idea was no, I am still going to land and still be in the game because music is not a fashion,” he explained.

He further noted that he does not do music that is restricted to trends and fashion but rather music that will be appeal to many for many years.

Big Ben said, “I am not seasonal, I am here as a musician and I am going to go on for as long as I can open my mouth.”

Big Ben has collaborated with international acts on the album and still has plans to feature local artists such as Ethnix, Himba Boi and many others.

“I want to work with people who want to work, some people would show interest, like “we need to do a collabo man” and then you have to be looking for the person every day. I want to work with serious people,” he stressed.