Teenage girls try to seduce Robbie

<img alt="\"\"" src="files/images/Robie%281%29.jpg" _cke_saved_src="files/images/Robie(1).jpg" style="height: 138px; width: 150px;" 150px;="" height:="" 138px;\"=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> The Brave Warrior’s mascot was probably having a shitty day and his day couldn’t get any shittier as he desperately tried to ignore some sick teenage girls who tried to lure him.<br> A group of teenage girls tried to lure Robbie’s attention to their mini-skirted thighs. Just when I thought the mascot was oblivious to the girl’s provocative poses and remarks, he shook his head in dismay, as he sat outside a restaurant. The man probably wasn’t feeling like people and some naive and perverted teenagers thought it was time to indulge their senses.<br> He’s known to love playing with the balls and the girls thought it was time to play with his balls. Robbie wasn’t amused at all, as he appeared to be experiencing some sense of best personal self and the last thing he wanted was a group of girls making obscene gestures on a Monday morning. Realising that they were attracting attention, the girls walked away amidst torrents of laughter. OK, assuming you are reading this, that was not cool. It was an embarrassment to the fairer sex.</p> <p></p>