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State security allocated N$160 million for 2018/19 … as the office of the president’s budget gets chopped by N$197 million

by Kelvin Chiringa

The budget allocation for state security which falls under the ministry of presidential affairs headed by the newly appointed Martin Andjaba has been placed at N$160 623 000 for financial year 2018/19. 

Of the total amount, N$124 632 000 is set to carter for operations while N$ 35 991 000 has been set as development budget.

The support services sub-programme is allocated a total amount of N$63 177 000 for operational purposes only. 

The objectives of this programme are to ensure that the Namibian Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) detects and identifies threats or potential threats to state security. 

The other objective is to support the executive branch of government to act in national interest and uphold “the dignity of the office of the president”.

The main activities under the programme include effective gathering of intelligence in order to detect threats to Namibia’s constitutional and democratic order as well as sharing of intelligence with stakeholders and role players in order to protect national interests.

Other activities include carrying out executive assignments, providing for logistical and procurement requirements, capacity building, maintenance of infrastructure and improvement of public service delivery.

Meanwhile the budget estimate for 2018/2019 for the office of the president is N$411510 000, a 32% (N$197 025 000) reduction from 2017/18’s N$608 535 000. 

Of the total allocation, N$375 519 000 is operational, while the remaining N$35 991 000 is for the development budget. 

These figures represent a decrease of N$86 939 000 in the operational budget, and N$110 086 000 in the development budget as compared to the last financial year.

An amount of N$65 807 000 has been pinned on marginalized communities for operations only while people with disabilities have been allotted N$19 437 000 also for operational purposes.

“These allocations reflect the impact of the cost reduction measures implemented this financial year in order to curb public expenditure. While some services will be negatively affected by these measures, Government remains strongly committed to providing services to beneficiaries in these priority areas,” said Andjaba. 

Objectives of the programme include the integration of the San, Ovatue and Ovatjimba communities and people with disabilities into the mainstream economy. 

This also entails the education for young people from the San communities through the San Education Support Programme.