PhredGot1 invades Hip Hop

Rundu born rapper Ndondi Fredrick aka PhredGot1 has his way around the rap game with two hot tracks New Guy and Price and two EP’s under his name, the artist is currently gunning for a new music video and an album.

This week, Vibe had a quick chat with the rhymer and this is what he had to say.

Full Name: Ndondi Fredrick

Stage Name: PhredGot1

Sex: Male

Occupation: Musician

Relationship status: In a relationship

Vibe: Hip Hop has been one of the genres that have been treated as a step child over the years, do you think the genre is now slowly gaining recognition?

P: Hip hop has gained recognition, I think Namibian rappers have pushed enough but the only problem right now is funds and the right platforms to keep it going.

People such as radio DJs are killing the industry, you will find a foreign song being played five times per day while a local track is only played once in a week. I think the only way to revive the genre again to the Eclipse and Roger years is to work together.

Vibe: Where did your inspiration come from?

P: From people that make beats, there are those who are good and those who are not, so I was tired of trying to get the perfect beat moving from one point to another.

So, I was like why not try and make beats myself and I have been writing songs before and that is how I started.

Vibe: Hip Hop was regarded as a genre where rappers express themselves and rap about real life experience, do you think Namibian Hip Hop artists are doing justice to the genre?

P: I think there are a couple who really express themselves, people such as TheFutureisGiggs rap about what they are going through. I have listened to his album and he is actually talking about his life experiences. John Gregorius also talks about his real life including myself and many others.

And there are still those who rap about things they don’t have.

Vibe: What are you currently working on, musically?

P: I will be dropping an official album in December and releasing a video for the single ‘Price’featuring Bobby Magagoz on my birthday in May.

Vibe: Moving away from music, at what age did you have your first kiss?

P: I think I was 13 to 15 years old, wasn’t really something serious, just those brother sister kisses.

Vibe: Who is your local celebrity crush and why?

P: Maria Nepembe, I think she is really hot and she is an influencer.

Vibe: If you had to choose a destination right now, where would you go and who will you take with?

P: I would go to Dubai and I think I will take my dad with, we just have a good relationship man….

Vibe: If you had an opportunity to collaborate with any international artist right now, who would it be and why?

P: If Michael Jackson was still alive I would definitely work with him.