Artists react to NAMAs nominations

The Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) are expected to be something special this year because they are returning to the coast this time and because the favourite boy group PDK is taking part.

The nominations were filled with the usual gasping with a mixture of excitement and disappointment.

Vibe took to the streets to hear from the players of the industry on what they had to say about the nominations, and this is what they had to say:

Big Ben (artist)

My own nomination, I am very happy and for the last two years I have only released two singles and each single have received a nomination every year. As for other Namibian musicians who have been selected, I realised that there were a lot of new faces and more people who have been nominated and won a couple of years back which shows consistency.

With the new guys, I have to be honest that I have listened to some of the songs that have been nominated and the production, quality is different, everything is just different.

But, obviously, if the judges listen to this music, they will go for the fresh and new sound.

I am surprised that Namibian music has moved to a different type of sound but I am also not surprise that more new comers get nominations because they are working better and faster and therefore are selected.

Did anybody ever really predict the NAMAs, all I know is that these days it looks like you have to be very popular on social media to be noticed, however social network should never be the final deciding factor on a person’s impact and contribution to the music industry because only less than 15% of Namibian people are actually on the internet.

So if the results of who wins are determined by who is more popular on social networks than we have a problem because it does not reflect the rest of the county.

Wambu Seun (artist)

The nominations are literally nominations, they have got faults and they have got good points. For me the NAMAs are sort of like “hope” that the industry still exists but then there are those little things that always happen here and there just common human errors like were you get somebody nominated for a song that he was nominated with last year. I don’t know how these things can pass.

I think we should just get people who knows our industry to be part of the selecting process, maybe they do that. I am just not involved with it but, I think it’s a good platform. Any awards drive a specific industry, people work hard to get recognition.

I don’t even know who is in the best male and female artist category of the year, that is how interested I am in the NAMAs.

Lioness (artist)

I think all the artists deserve every nomination they got but I am a little bit disappointed but it’s okay. I think its slowly picking up, hopefully the national artists would change the direction of this unfair judging and all that. I am excited about the outcome and hope it’s fair, never been but this year around with international people involved let us not embarrass ourselves.

Sam-e Lee Jones (producer)

The NAMAs are a very good thing that they are doing for the industry. People have worked hard and its now paying off. And congratulate to everyone nominated. That is all I have to say.

S-man (artist)

This year I think the NAMAs are trying to shape the industry through giving a chance to upcoming artists. Most of the top musicians are not in and even for our own album we just got nominated in one category and I think it’s fair that way, so that the industry can escalate to another level.

It is time for upcoming artists to shine and not be a one hit wonder but to grow as well.

I think Exit is going to walk away with the artist of the year and best male musician of the year award, he has been pushing for all these years and the female would be Suzy Eises.

Athawise (artist)

Well, I am still digesting the whole thing, it’s my first time being nominated so it is very overwhelming and I am very excited mostly for Namibian music in general and where it’s going.

I have a prediction for song of the year, Warakata. And good luck to all the nominees and let’s work together, unity always.

Adora (artist)

I am proud of everyone that has been nominated, Suzy Eises have gotten a lot of nominations and the fact that it is dominated by the upcoming guys it’s a good sign. I see my Sally also got nominations, I think she deserves them because she has really worked hard and all the best.