Chess federation picks its Olympiad team

The Namibia Chess Federation has finally made its pick of the players who will represent Namibia at the 2018 Chess Olympiad games in Georgia, Batumi, slated for September this year.

A team of five male and five female players was selected at the national qualifiers games that took place over a period of one week at Windhoek’s Chairman Mao Zedong High School in Otjomuise, the NCF president Israel Shilongo told The Villager Sports. 

“It was a difficult task for the judges as well as the players. But in the end the best players were selected to represent the country. We looking forward to even greater performance from these players. As the Namibian Chess Federation we have put all our trust in these players because they have proven to be the best of the best at the recently held national qualifiers. It takes true talent and hard work to be selected for a big event of this magnitude such as Olympiad,” he said. 

He added that all players are well known by the Namibian chess lovers and have been part of the locally held competitions over the past years.

Shilongo further said that this was the biggest tournament for the year and players from all over the country competed in the national qualifiers.  

“As national interest grows in joining the federation more players are eager to take part in every tournament that is taking place each month. But this is one of the biggest tournaments the federation has hosted this year so far,” he said. 

Magdalena Valombola; Lishen Mentile ; Jolly-Joyce Nepando; Lutopu Khoa ; Nicola Tjironda ; ; Charles Eichab ; Dante Beukes ; Leonard Muller ; Mclean Hanjaba and Immanuel Gariseb will be representing the country.


From left to right

1. Valombola Magdalena

2. WCM Lishen Mentile

3. WCM Jolly-Joice Nepando

4. Lutopu Khoa

5. WCM Nicola Tjaronda

President Israel Shilongo

6. CM Charles Eichab

7. FM Dante Beukes

8. FM Leonhard Mueller

9. CM McLean Handjaba

10. Immanuel Gariseb