four year jail term for unlicenced Djs - NASCAM

The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Max has warned local disc jockeys against operating without licences.

Speaking to Vibe, Max said who ever is found at a night club or any function operating without a licence will be locked up for three to four years or expected to pay an amount of N$15 000.

“It is very important that Disc Jockeys get a licence because they are making money from other people’s music. It is the right thing to do. It’s a year of reckoning and we are already busy talking to corperate companies to always request for a licence before booking any DJ,” he said.

He further said that Disc Jockey’s are expected to pay a fee of N$800 per year saying that it is not expensive.

“So far, we only have up to 50 Disc Jockeys who have obtained a licence and more than 200 are out there operating without papers,” he noted.

The NASCAM crew is expected to go in the field in the next few months and encourages DJ’s to always carry their licences with them when going for a gig.

“What these people do is, keep track of the popular songs, download them and just go put some effects when playing and make it sound nice since they have good listening skills,” he said.

Max said that NASCAM held meetings over the years encouraging every DJ to own a licence but not many have come on board.

“It’s the same as driving, you need your licence otherwise the traffic office will catch you, so that is why we expect everyone to have them,” he explained.