Meet the artist behind: Otjikombo music video

Comical music has been an in-thing for a long time, and local musician Anna Haikango who goes by the stage name Akee recently became an internet sensation for a comical music video titled Otjikombo which means goat in Oshiwambo.

The music video which was released in 2016 did start making waves until late last year, when a teaser started circulating on social media.

The music video features the artist and several dancers in a kraal surrounded by goats.

The lyrics are simple. Akee basically wants her goat back. She has one goat, two goats, three goats, four goats, five goats but one is missing, those are the translated lyrics from the song.

The afro-pop artist who spoke to Vibe this week said that the song has been widely criticised, but said she has not been shaken by the negative comments often left under the music video.

“The concept is clear, especially if you are an Oshiwambo speaking person you will understand. The song is just about lost goats. In villages people always lose their cattle and go out to search for them, that is basically what I am trying to demonstrate,” she explained.

She also told Vibe that she already has three music albums under her belt but has never gotten this much attention from one production.

“I have been doing music for a very long time, I have featured so many artists such as Exit, Sally, Kalux before but it was never as crazy as the Otjikombo song. Otjikombo was a name that we also liked to make fun of at home or with friends, so I was like why not make a song,” she narrated.

She has also dropped a new single on yesterday titled Tangi Ya Nepolo which speaks about a young man who abuses his wife and children when under the influence of alcohol.

“If you listen carefully at the type of music I do, you will realise how matured my art is. Tangi Ya Nepolo is an abusive husband who everyone is trying to chuck out of the village. I will be going to Windhoek soon to drop it off at radio stations,” she said.

AKee will also be dropping her fourth album which will consist of 14 tracks but however could not confirm the date of the release of her fourth offering.

She also revealed that she will be rebranding soon from AKee to ‘Rapper Nawa’ as her first encounter with music was through rap.

“I would like to thank everyone for criticising my song, I know who I am and that is why I did not even respond to people’s social media pages,” she noted.