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Antonio boost CD sales through Engen deal

by Rosalia David

Owner of Antonio’s art, Antonio Djokic has just sealed a deal with 57 Engen service stations across the country to be selling the best 16 top vending albums at the stations in different towns.

Speaking to Vibe, Antonio who is also the owner of Deal Done records said the deal will benefit both the service stations and the artists.

“Music piracy has been on the increase and if we take the music to where the people are, I don’t think we will have these issues of people stealing music. Sometimes the reason why people go make copies is because they don’t have access to the products,” he explained.

So far, he has managed to distribute CD’s to 15 service stations and aims to have travelled to the remaining places before the end of the year.

“I need to go to the service stations because they offer a very small shelve space but I believe it's better than nothing. When we are done distributing at least people in rural areas are able to get hold of the CDs at the nearest one, sometimes we need to take the products to the people and not wait for them to come to us,” he explained.

Some of the artists whose music will be accessible at service stations are The Dogg, Tate Buti, Exit, PDK, Jomolizo, Bantu and many others.

“So far so good, the sales are doing well for a start. Unfortunately, not all artists can get shelve space,” Antonio noted.

When asked how much the albums are being sold for, Antonio said, the service stations add their cut of 40%.